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Nails Inc nail bars are known for their many walls of nail polish as they are able to offer an extensive catalogue of 100 different colours. All of the colours are manufactured within Britain and share names with famous London Boroughs and streets.

Founder of Nail Inc, Thea Green, explained that from day one of the company launch they already had about sixty colours because the idea was they wanted to get their product into the public and not just at the nail bars. They said that colour ideas usually seem to coincide with the catwalk trends so they spent some time looking for some great colours, materials, and ingredients.

It’s ironic now because Green explains that now paint suppliers actually knock on their door with colour ideas. At the moment the best selling polish colour of the line is Porchester Square which is a muted mushroom colour. Their cobalt blue Baker Street polish is also a large hit right now because Beyonce wears it.

Green added that she loves hearing customers ask for a colour using its name because she really enjoys the naming process. She likely enjoys the profits as well given the fact that nail polish is actually a very large business right now.

Along the lines of the lipstick index, there seems to be a nail bomb hitting. During a recession lipstick sales usually go through the roof as people treat themselves to more affordable treats, and this time around nail polish seems to be following suit.

People love colour and fashion is getting livelier to provide an alternative outlook to the bleak economy. Therefore, for those that cannot afford to purchase a new coat in a bright colour, the option to buy a bright nail polish is always right there.

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