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Bring flirty fashion into your wardrobe with A Hint of Noir

Bring flirty fashion into your wardrobe with A Hint of Noir

If you fancy delving into the dark side of luxurious fashion you will love Honour’s new collection entitled A Hint of Noir. Inspired by the great designs of Europe, the latest range from the online retail giant, has focussed on one of the 21st centuries hottest and most sexiest of materials; latex.

Honour’s has been using latex since they first began trading in 1988, but over the past few years it has really taken off big style with celebs across the globe, and bespoke designs have been appearing on red carpets, catwalks and top award ceremonies, giving the material a new boost in the world of mainstream fashion.

From actresses Angelina Jolie and Eva Mendes to singers Cheryl Cole, RihannaBeyoncé and Lady Gaga – latex clothing is now one of the hottest properties amongst the stars… and it’s getting hotter!

Exclusive to Honour their A Hint of Noir collection combines elegant sleek designs with raw edgy undertones that draw influence from the French and Japanese fashion scene. The skin-tight fabric enhances the curves and contours of the body to breath confidence and a sense of authority. Whilst the black/transparent colour blend offers a teasingly pleasing appearance of endearment.

Sultry, sinister and sexy are all words that can be used to describe this latest range and Honour’s designers have worked hard to achieve a new style of fashion which pushes the boundaries of the conventional ‘kinky’ to new depths. 2013 has come early for Honour as they continue to look forward to new and innovative ways to dominate the market trend and challenge the perceptions of common attire.

Their avant-garde style of boudoir/street-wear in the Noir collection is anticipated to kick up quite a storm with outfits such as the Cigarello Corselette and Vertigo Catsuit already demanding re-orders in time for the Christmas rush. Stockingsbasques and pencil skirts are nothing new to the fashion scene – but Honour’s latest spin on mainstream fashion has rocked the boat on what the general public now believe acceptable in modern day society.

If you’re looking for that certain je ne sais quoi this Christmas then this is one range that can’t be ignored. From the simple to the sublime – step out of the light and see what the luxury of Noir has to offer…

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