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Fashion contact lenses could well be the most underrated of all fashion accessories as changing the colour of your eyes will have a more dramatic effect on your appearance that make up ever could. Whether you are male or female, coloured contact lenses should be a must have item amongst the possessions you have set aside for those big nights. Not only will they alter your appearance but can be used to complete or enhance an outfit, or give others a glimpse of a side of your personality they never knew existed.

If you are looking to buy contact lenses for the first time then you will be astounded at the choice of colours and styles available on the market today. The most popular are the coloured ones, which will either enhance your own eye colour or change it completely. Those with watery blue or pale green eyes will see themselves instantly transformed and have the dazzling sapphire or deep green eyes they have always wished for.

Alternatively, if you have brown or green eyes and have always hankered for blue, or vice versa, now is your chance to see what you would look like if you didn’t have the eye colour you gained through Mother Nature. If you have a favourite coloured shirt or blouse, why not buy a pair of coloured lenses to match its colour? This will create a stunning effect on a night out and make sure that you stand out in a crowd.

The opaque coloured contact lens are rapidly gaining in popularity, and these lenses come in both singular opaque colours as well as variety of patterns and designs to really make a style statement. The opaque lenses that are a solid colour have the pupil and the iris printed onto the lens, removing the flat look of the regular contact lens. The patterned lenses come in every design from cat’s eyes to gothic patterns and even 3D designs.

Neither the colours nor the patterns will affect or distort your vision in any way they simply hide your eyes so nobody else can see your eyes behind the lenses, creating a dramatic effect. These lenses are readily available both online and on the high street, and if you wear prescription contact lenses you can also get your optician to create you a special pair. If you feel your outfit is missing something, give fashion contact lenses ago and see the difference they make.

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