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If you think that Essex Fashion Week is going to be anything like London Fashion Week then it may be time to take a look at Essex itself,because the show is most likely going to be a lot more out there but a lot more fun. For instance, some of the things you can expect to see on the runway include thick lashes, white teeth, hair extensions, busty dresses, and high heels.

When you consider this image, it is easy to see that the Essex Fashion Week is a lot more laid back and in some ways a lot more fun for the normal woman in attendance. The one day event is a great chance for independent and local designers to get out and show of their new collections on the catwalk.

This year, Tresor Paris the diamond expert opened up the event with plenty of sparkle on the runway and some of the evening gowns from Denise Van Weenen really helped to add elegance and more razzle dazzle.

For the more club conscious fashion fan, the bodycon dresses by Bowtique and Hybrid should have been delightful. They are best matched together with a good pair of Spanx since they do not leave much to the imagination!

Children and their parents adored the clothing from Dolly Rocker Kids that is sold at the Dunmow boutique and offered a change of pace for those in attendance as the models were toddlers and young children.

TOWIE designers were also at the event including Frankie Essex, Harry Derbridge, Jessica Wright, and Chloe Sims to show off several of their fashion collections which included bodycon creations from Frankie and maxi dresses from Harry. Chloe also showed off a few mini dresses and Jessica had some fun with lace.

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