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The curve is now officially out, and it looks like in 2013 it will actually be hip to be square. At least in the fashion sense, given the fact that geometric shapes, right angles, and squares are taking top seat on the runway and showing up in all types of designs.

Much like the film the Da Vinci Code when Tom Hanks is looking everywhere for the chalice and then has a brainstorm by taking a look back at the most elementary item, it seems that the fashion world has decided to take a step backwards and go with something simple.

However, the simple cuts and square shapes seem to be working because the catwalks were bursting with colour stuffed into the perfect square or right angle and the models could not have looked better. The square is a visual shape that connects just about every top fashion show to the next fashion show.

From magazine covers to the runway to styles on the mannequins at Selfridges, there are literally squares cut into every design. At first glance you might not see the shape on everything given the fact that it’s a shape and is hidden well, but take a second look at fashion and it is going to start to pop right back out at you.

While you are looking for the square in the top fashion styles, you also might want to take a quick look at some of the other top styles of the year. For instance, the YSL groupie look is poised to be very fashionable in the street wear line of fashion.

You also might want to take a look at the bright fuchsia line that Gucci has been modelling or the fluffy shoes that are coming from Celine. All of these items are a great glimpse at what 2013 will hold.

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