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1In the world of fashion, there are numerous claims about what makes the “perfect” outfit. Whilst in most cases the choices made over fashion are subjective, there are some elements which are always found at the heart of every beautiful ensemble.

Jewellery is undoubtedly one of them and is capable of being both bold and understated. For some individuals, rings, bracelets and necklaces fit seamlessly with their clothing. For others they stand out as vibrant accessories intended to attract attention.

Choosing your jewellery can therefore be something of a challenge. Whilst certain items such as your wedding ring might be a permanent fixture of your look, other items will change on a daily basis.

Selecting your style

When crafting the perfect outfit the first thing you need to decide on is your style. Different types of jewellery suit different personalities and this is something you’ll need to give a little bit of thought to. Companies such as Goldsmiths have plenty of beautiful items of jewellery which suit all tastes and budgets and a quick browse of their website will certainly provide plenty of inspiration.

For the conservative dresser, simple jewellery is the best option. Small encrustations of jewels look stunning on plain metals and you can always opt for traditional clusters of diamonds or an alternative gemstone depending on your taste.

For those after something a little showier there are plenty of bolder options. From rings with large jewels protruding from a central setting to exquisite Lucet Mundi crystal and hematite bead bracelets and layered necklaces, Goldsmiths stock an impressive range of beautiful accessories.

For those who want to stay one step ahead of the fashion curve, 2013 trends indicate that styles inspired by the Victorian period will regain popularity, as will designs using geometric shapes and sharp lines. Thick metal chains are also expected to prove staple additions to any jewellery box while the obsession with modern charm bracelets is unlikely to decline.

What to look for in jewellery?

Once you’ve selected your style and decided which trends (if any) you intend to follow then you need to find appropriate products. Goldsmiths is a reputable retailer offering plenty of assurances over quality but exactly what features should you look for?

The first is strength of materials and quality of manufacturing. Always consider the fastening mechanism used on any items of jewellery too and the quality of any settings or engravings. You’ll want your jewellery to last a long time so it’s important you spare a thought for care and maintenance too.

All jewellery needs to be cleaned regularly and Goldsmiths can take care of this for you if you’re worried you lack the expertise. If buying diamond jewellery, they even offer a ten year guarantee which provides an annual inspection and clean free of charge for a ten year period – you can’t get much better service than that!

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