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Miranda Kerr turned airline fashion into Milan runway fashion when she modeled the new uniform in Sydney for Qantas Airways. Although you might not think high fashion when you think of stewardesses, Kerr sure made it look good.

The Victoria Secret model looked absolutely brilliant in the new airline uniform sporting a lack trench coat with a multi-colored dress underneath and a perfectly matched fedora.

Kerr was also apparently glad to be back home for a bit, Tweeting a photo of herself in the uniform along with the hashtag ‘#still call Australia Home.’

In a press release that Kerr did before the unleashing of the new uniform she stated that she was very excited to be a part of the Qantas campaign because she travels often and she is well aware of how vital it is to have a space that you can stay in to just unwind or relax while traveling. She added that it is also important to make sure that there is some way to stay connected with the world until the flight takes off.

Organics creator for KORA stated that Qantas Club is able to offer all of what Kerr discussed and plenty of great conveniences. The smile on Kerr’s face as she introduced each element of the wardrobe spoke for itself, and it seems as if the airline attendants are going to be looking good over in the land down under.

The dress is made of lightweight cotton and two-toned with a vertical slash across the top cutting own from the right shoulder to the hipline. The top triangle is a brilliant red with a pink slice across the left shoulder while the bottom of the dress is solid black. The trench coat to be worn with the dress is also a solid black.

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