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Finally, designers and the high street are opening both their eyes and their tills to the fact that there is a huge demand for fashionable clothing in size 16 and over. The term ‘celebrate your curves’ is widely used by those who think they are doing larger ladies a favour, but it is this kind of nauseating, cringe inducing stereotype that not only annoys those are a size 16 or more, but everyone else besides.

It is the faux friendly tone that really grates, as if it has been said through gritted teeth as you these designers think their creations will look abominable on anyone who wears clothes in a size that has two figures. Women have curves, that’s what sets them aside from these unrealistic clothes horses who strut the catwalk with stiletto heels that are thicker than their thighs.

Whilst it great that they are finally being recognised, the fact that is being made to seem as if the designers are doing them a huge favour in actually designing clothes for them doesn’t go down to well. Whilst there has been specialist shops selling bigger clothes for decades, they haven’t been exactly fashionable, and everyone who was a size 18, for example, went for their special night’s out wearing the same outfit.

The big thing that so many of these designers haven’t cottoned onto before now is that there is a vast difference between size and shape, so clothes have been loose in some places, tight in others and simply looked bad. How far this revolution, which has been a heck of a long time coming, will go in the fact of keeping up with trends, it has to be good news for those who have previously avoided certain shops like the plague as they know all that would fit them in there would be a hat or a scarf.


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