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This video featuring Dawn, a product salesperson, takes a new twist on the term marketing. She attends a speed dating program for the night, and talks to several people about the way they wipe themselves, she then offers them the chance to try Andrex Moist Washlets.

Dawn tells us that these washlets come in easy to carry small travel packages and are kept fresh with the lock and seal top. With her questions about these washlets to the men she ended up coming face to face with, most of them were a little hesitant as to what her true point was behind the speed dating. She had her camera so she and her team capture every moment of her night. Little did these men know that they were part of her campaign, and the fact that she was trying to introduce them to a new product.

She explained that these washlets smell great, are always kept moist, and are flush-able, which is a big plus if you find yourself somewhere where there isn’t a waste bin. Many men who actually agreed to feel, smell, or simply touch the washlets, reported them to be very soft, have a mild scent that is very nice, and they are always kept moist and fresh for when you need them most. They are also easy to carry, and can be placed in a pocket or handbag as they are a small manageable package with a sticky close cover.

Adding a few more pictures to her wall that night, Dawn was successful in introducing some new faces to Andrex Moist Washlets. She encourages all to come and join the campaign either on Facebook or on their site, to help spread the word about this amazing new product now in stores.

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