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The fashion of Bond

April 9, 2013

When 007 appears in any of the films (23 to date) about the exploits and frolics of Britain’s best-known spy, we expect him to be cutting edge not only in his coolly invincible decimation of the bad guys and his casual bon mots. James Bond and company (that would be female company, and plenty of it) will also, we know, be ‘dressed to kill’ in the most glamorous sense of the phrase.

In the latest Bond thriller Skyfall, the ‘company’ includes the requisite gorgeous women including Berenice Marlohe as Severine, the femme fatale who meets our hero in a casino, wearing a most remarkable black dress for the occasion. The designer, Jany Temime, said that gown took six months to complete, and almost did her in.

Jany told Vogue magazine that her picture of a ‘Bond girl’ is ultra-sexy, and she wanted to make this one look “as naked as possible”. The result is a form-hugging sheath with no back and sheer panels that at first glimpse give the impression of near-nudity. However the sheer fabric was dyed to match the wearer’s skin tone, with added tattoo-like transfers, and the overall effect is stunning, to say the least.

What took so much time was the addition of 60,000 Swarovski crystals, each one applied by hand, that shimmer over the entire surface of the gown. Jany said she and her assistants had to create six different versions of the body, and each time Berenice changed into this gown, they “. . .had to sew the body onto the main part of the dress while she was wearing it . . .”. Now that’s what you call custom design.

On the other hand, dressing Daniel Craig for his Bond role in ‘Skyfall’ was, according to designer Tom Ford, not a major endeavour. Ford considers the job to be a great opportunity, but not really a big challenge, since the character is “. . . a bit like our guy – classy and extremely elegant.”



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