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Victoria Beckham has quite a reputation as a fashionista, with her notoriety spreading across the world from Milan to New York. Now, after many months of looking for a perfect area from which she could expand her fashion empire, Beckham has just bought her first ever store. The former Spice Girl now owns a Battersea Spar, in south London, which is a 850 sq foot building. The convenience store is within walking distance from her own office in London, and Beckham’s range of products is growing at an exponential rate.

Beckham has been looking for more space in the past, with purchases of shops and warehouses around the country, until the Spar was spotted by one of her agents when it came on the market. It has big operating spaces, glamorous offices and will soon be renovated to provide a modern experience. The former singer has not yet bought her inaugural flagship shop but for now she makes these deals herself. Which her relentless pursuit of global domination gathering pace rumours are rife on what will be her next target.

Right now it seems that the former Spice Girl has her eyes on a VB store in Paris, Manhattan, Milan or perhaps even London. She apparently wants to get the perfect VB shop for her line of products, and it most likely won’t be a small one.

Since she launched her line of outfits and accessories almost eight years ago her fashion career has flourished. Just this month she launched a new range in China trying to capture the Far East market which can be lucrative for fashion designers. David, her husband has is also no longer known as just a footballer with his fingers in many pies, including modelling, has just been announced as an international ambassador to the Super League in China.

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