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A Spice Girls greatest hits CD might not have that much value attached to it, but a greatest hits collection by Victoria Beckham is an entirely different story. Her fashion line has been critically acclaimed since its debut and now Posh Spice has announced that she will release her best selling dresses as a collection.

The collection will only be sold on the new Victoria Beckham website ( and will start at £1000 and go up from there. The collection is going to be called the ‘icon’ collection and will include some remodelled versions of her best selling dresses including the tight bandage dresses that Kim Kardashian and Kate Winslet wore.

Beckham stated that she hopes the new pieces will become unique and known as limited edition items. She added that she is very excited to look through her design achieves and see what she can pull out of them to add to the collection.

The fashion designer also explained that she choose to sell the range exclusively online because she liked the idea of offering something exclusive on the website that had her signature aesthetic on it. This put her at odds with brands like Chanel that announced they will never sell their clothes online.

According to Chanel, the goal is to find the right balance with customers and they do not think that their customers will want to purchase clothes online because fashion is about seeing and touching and you cannot do that over a computer.

Of course, Beckham need not worry because her last few collections have had no problems selling via the online marketplace, and there is little doubt that her new spring collection will take off with a bang as well. Her 2013 collection is also due to be sold online next to the icon collection.

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